Q: How much will my web site cost?

A: Cost is highly dependant on the size and complexity of your web site. A general rule for a starting price is $1200 for a Premier Service website. However a very small or simple web site could cost much less, and a large and/or complex web site could cost much more. Our Premier Service website is ideal when only the best will do, and image is everything. See this example.


For those on a tight budget, we now also offer a Standard Service website, which can start as low as $250. This website has much simpler, 2-D graphics and a 'flat' design. This gives you a easy-to-navigate website without any frills. When 'image isn't everything', the Standard Service provides a simple, elegant professional web presence. See this example.

Q: How long will it take to create my professional, custom web site?

A: Completion time is also largely dependant on the size and complexity of the web site. You can have an up and running web site in a matter of a few weeks.
Usually the time frame is largely dependent on you: how fast can you provide necessary content (pictures, text, etc.) to put on the web site.

Q: How do I manage my web site once it is online?

A: We can manage your site for you, or we can provide an Administration page which enables you to update the site yourself. If we manage your web site, you can either have us on a monthly retainer for a fixed number of updates/hours, or if you require infrequent updates, we can update your site on an as-needed basis.


Q: Can my web site have links to the web sites of my partners and clients?

A: Sure. We can have links to other web sites associated with you along with their logo/graphic. We also recommend asking your partners/clients to add a link to your web site. This is one of the best ways to get visitors to your site.








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