After determining what you want, we will design a web site that is customized to fit you.


Since you will need to update your web site, we can provide a back end web page that allows you to update your site without the skills of a webmaster.

Online visitors to your site can fill out a form and the information will be automatically emailed to you for your convenience.

Our main goal is to provide you with a professional web presence to effectively accomplish your online goals.


Whether your goal is to provide information about your business products/services, to sell your products online, or to advertise your business in the virtual world, we will design a custom web site to effectively promote your business. Since you only get one chance to make a first impression, it is worth it to make the best impression possible.


We can design a simple, static, HTML web site, or a dynamic web site which extracts your inventory/information from a database and provides new content as your information is updated.

Besides creating your web pages,
we can also provide other services.

We can setup your email addresses
( for
an added level of professional web
presence. These emails can also be
forwarded to the email address you
already use to simplify your email
so that you do not need to check
another email.


We also can create custom graphics
which you can use in other business
applications: logo, animated graphics,

We can create an
"electronic business card"
which is a small CD which the
recipient can put in their computer
and experience a custom presentation
of your business products/services
including pictures and video.